Within the 35-acre riverside oasis, multitudes of interesting activities are available to ensure your stay with Suan Sampran is as pleasant as possible. There are numerous activities available and things to do at Sampran Riverside that evolve around Nature, Thai Culture and Health. All the activities that you encounter within the property provide you with meaningful experiences and memories to take back with you. If you are in Thailand on holiday or otherwise, Suan Sampran is the perfect hub for discovering Thailand and its traditional values, for connecting yourself with nature and for enhancing your wellbeing.

Patom Organic Farm

Our 15-acre farm is certified to international organic standards (IFOAM, EU and Canada). It provides us with organic herbs, vegetables, and fruits for our restaurants and Patom organic products.

Experience our workshops where you can learn different aspects of organic farming.

Step safely out of your comfort zone and open your senses to connect to nature.

Shuttle time 10:00 / 14:00 /16:00

Patom Organic Village

Our brand’s emphasis on traceability lead us to create Patom Organic Village, where you can follow the journey of raw materials from farm to product.

Follow the routes of our seasonal ingredients, which we source from our network of farmers.

Walk in the footsteps of our farmers, crafters, and artists to understand the process of design from our ancestors to present day, and how we integrate traditional knowledge and local wisdom to create Patom lifestyle products

Our open factory concept will show you the work that goes into our food, body care and lifestyle products before they make their way to Patom Organic Living stores.

Open everyday  10:00 am – 04:00 pm.

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Patom Organic Spa

Experience wellness at Patom Organic Spa, where we use organic coconut oil, scrubs, and herbs for holistic healing and relaxation.

We recommend our signature scent, the Mon Rose, which we use in our organic body care line.

The Mon Rose is the only type of rose that can grow organically in central Thailand. The National Innovation Agency (NIA) funded our research on how to grow Mon Roses and supported us to develop Mon Rose products such as our organic tea, and body care line.

Patom Organic Spa opens daily (Except Wednesday) from 12.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Thai Cooking Class

Our approach to cooking classes is to familiarize our guests of the farm-to-table concept.  We do this by allowing our guests to pick their raw ingredients from our organic farm or Sookjai Farmers market. This will help them understand about the balance of tastes and health benefits of traditional Thai cuisine.  The cooking classes are followed by a hands-on preparation and cooking method guided by our experienced chef. Cooking classes take place at Ruen Pae floating pier or the riverside terrace at Rim Nam restaurant.

Advance booking is required

For reservation, Tel: 034 322588-93 or email to [email protected]

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Patom Products

“We believe that the process is just as important as
 the end product.”

From farm to products, we are involved in the entire process.

Our team works with organic farmers to make organic food and body care products that are honest, responsible and traceable.

All of the ingredients that we use can be traced back to our farm, or an organic farmer supported by the Sampran Model Movement.

Our organic farm is certified to IFOAM, EU, and Canadian standards and we grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs all-year-round.

We work hard to produce natural and organic products that are SLS and Paraben free. All of our products are made in-house and in small batches by our Patom team.

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Sookjai Market

Sookjai Farmers’ Market was established in 2010 to promote organic agriculture and serve as a channel to connect organic farmers in Sampran Model network with consumers. Thus people can gain access to trusted organic products at reasonable prices. Currently there are about 70 vendors selling rice, vegetables, fruits, freshly cooked foods, and processed foods with revenues generated for farmers and communities approximately 3,000,000 baht per month. Sookjai Farmers’ Market is being managed by a committee elected from the vendors annually. Moreover, there is a consumer committee who help share their demands and experiences with the vendor committee so they can help further improve market management.


Our 35-acre property is certified organic according to IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), EU and Canada standards; making it a haven for plants and animals. There are many varieties of native plant species (common to rare) through out the gardens. Take a stroll around our gardens and see how many species of plants and animals you can identify.

Cycling / Pedal Boat

Bicycles and pedal boats are available for rent on the property. Use them to explore the scenery and nature of the gardens.

River Cruise

Private river cruises can be arranged down the scenic Ta Chine River to Wat Rai Khing or Donwai Riverside Market. Wat Rai Khing takes about 45 minutes and the temple is popular among the Thai Buddhists to pay homage to a sacred Buddha image and its natural fish sanctuary. Don Wai Market takes about 1 hour and the market is very popular amongst the Thais for its local delicacies. The journey along the river is a very peaceful one with untouched greenery and riverside life on both sides. A classic wooden boat is available for the river cruise tour with capacity from 2 to 100 people.

Advance booking is required.

For reservation, Tel: 034 322588-93 or email to [email protected]