Within the 70-acre riverside oasis, multitudes of interesting activities are available to ensure your stay with Sampran Riverside is as pleasant as possible. There are numerous activities available and things to do at Sampran Riverside that evolve around Nature, Thai Culture and Health. All the activities that you encounter within the property provide you with meaningful experiences and memories to take back with you. If you are in Thailand on holiday or otherwise, Sampran Riverside is the perfect hub for discovering Thailand and its traditional values, for connecting yourself with nature and for enhancing your wellbeing.

Cultural Experiences

Our unique Thai Village within the property is where most daily activities take place that showcase aspects of Thai tradition and culture.

Thai Art and Craft Workshops and Village Celebration

Open daily 10:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs and 13:00 hrs to 15:30 hrs at the Thai Village

At the Thai Village Cultural Center, guests can take part in over ten arts and crafts workshops dotted around the village. The visitors are free to roam around and try out these activities, each one in their own pavilion stations such as traditional weaving, rice farming, traditional Thai games, bamboo dancing, Thai martial arts, garland making, traditional pottery, traditional Thai kitchen, umbrella painting, Thai herbal compress making, Thai boxing and much more. There are villagers at each station to demonstrate the activity and provide information so you are able to obtain a full hands on experience. Also, take home self made souvenirs from the weaving station, garland station and pottery station.

Thai art and craft workshops are open daily 09:30 hrs to 12:00 hrs and 13:00 to 15:00 hrs. At 15:00 hrs there will be a 30 minutes Village Celebration performance starting with the 4 Regional drums performance, followed by the Thai way of life procession.

The entrance fee is Baht 600 net per person for the morning session or afternoon.

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Thai Village Cultural Show

In respect to the passing of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Sampran Riverside will suspend our Thai Village Cultural Show and Elephant Demonstration indefinitely

Instead, we will extend our morning Arts and Craft Workshops into the afternoon.

From 01st January 2017, the afternoon program will be replaced with the Thai Art and Craft Workshops followed by Village Celebration as advised above

Thai Cooking Class

Sampran Riverside provides cooking classes in authentic Thai atmosphere such as under the ‘Ruen Ayudhaya’ Thai House, on a riverside floating pier ‘Ruen Pae’ or on a riverside terrace.

The main focus of the cooking classes is to educate participants on the balance of tastes and health benefits of traditional Thai food. Popular Thai dishes are selected for each class and participants are shown how to prepare them using traditional cooking methods by an experienced chef.

For a back to basics approach to traditional Thai cooking, a visit to the Organic Farm to pick your own fresh ingredients or to Don Wai Riverside Market to shop for ingredients can be made before you start cooking.

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Eco Activities

Sookjai Organic Farm tour

Our 15 acre organic farm is located across the river. We started organic farming 10 years ago growing local vegetables, fruits and rice. The farm is now certified organic according to IFOAM, EU and COD standards.

The farm is looked after by our staff, Khun Pasin and he grows local vegetables and herbs for Thai cooking such as morning glory, Chinese leaves, spinach, basil, eggplants, chilies, lemongrass, kaffir lime and many more. We grow local fragrant organic rice such as Hom Patum and Hom Nakornchaisri as well as a variety of salads and herbs and tend to the fruit orchard of banana, guava, lime, fragrant coconut and pomelo.

We also work closely with the village headman, Puyai Thansapat whose family farm is adjacent to ours. He grows 4 acres of organic rice and is now certified organic according to IFOAM.

On an organic farm tour, you could learn about organic farming and experience the livelihood of a Thai farmer. You could also collect vegetables, herbs, fruits and eggs for a cooking class or a farm lunch. You could try rice planting the traditional way or harvesting if it happens to be the season. After all the hard work on the farm, you could bring back herbs and fruits to our Patom Organic Spa for a soothing spa treatment using your freshly picked organic ingredients.

Regular tours to the Organic Farm operates every weekend based on the following fixed schedule:

Saturdays: 1st round at 10.00am / 2nd round at 04.00pm

Sundays: 1 round only at 10.00am

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The tour takes about 2 hours with Thai-speaking assistance and includes refreshments. English-speaking assistance is available on request basis only. On weekdays, we are able to arrange the tour to the Organic Farm on private basis with either Thai or English speaking assistance.

Please note the Organic Farm tour is subject to weather conditions and in the case of low tide or heavy rainfall, the property has the right to cancel the tour without prior notice.

Local Farm Tour

For the last 6 years, Sampran Riverside has been working with local farmers, universities, government agencies and local authorities to bring back organic agriculture to our Sampran district. The ‘Sampran Model’ project is funded by Thai Health Promotion Foundation and Thailand Research Fund. As of now, there are approximately 80 organic farmers in the project. Sampran Riverside buys rice, vegetables, fruits and herbs directly from the Sampran Model organic farmers for our kitchen and spa.

Visit the local farm which is about 30 minutes away from Sampran Riverside, learn about organic farming and enjoy the workshops provided by the farmer.

If you are interested in this tour, please email [email protected] for further information.

Farmer’s Market

In November 2010, Sampran Riverside further engaged with the local community by opening a weekend farmer’s market called ‘Talad Sookjai’ for those who practice organic farming to come and sell their produces and delicacies. Regular tests are carried out every 2 weeks to ensure toxic chemicals are not used, and monthly workshops at the market pavilion related to organic farming and holistic health are provided to visitors. The community market has its own direct entrance and is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10.00hrs to 17.00hrs.


Sampran Riverside grew from a small rose plantation in Nakhon Pathom to a 70-acre riverside haven of rich gardens as a result of caring and nurturing of new and existing plants.

Cycling / Pedal Boat

Sampran Riverside has bicycles and pedal boats for hire for those who are interested in exploring the scenery and nature of the property.

River Cruise

Private river cruises can be arranged down the scenic Ta Chine River with pick up from one of the hotel building piers to Wat Rai Khing or Donwai Riverside Market. Wat Rai Khing takes about 45 minutes ride and is a temple where Buddhists frequently pay visit to pay homage to a sacred Buddha image. The temple is also popular among the Thais for its natural fish sanctuary where one can feed thousands of giant catfishes. Don Wai Market is about an hour away and remains largely undiscovered by foreign tourists but is very popular amongst the Thais for its local delicacies and fresh produces. The journey along the river is a very peaceful one with untouched greenery and riverside life on both sides. A classic wooden boat is available for the river cruise tour with capacity from 2 to 100 people.

Fitness Center

Fitness center located on the 3rd floor of our Ta-Chine wing

Ozone treated riverside pool

Ozone treated riverside pool: the first in Thailand where Non-chemical treatment is used to maintain clean water in the best interest of the guests and environment.
Opens daily from 7.00 tp 19.00hrs

Lappset Children Playground

To remind young ones of the joy in being outdoors, Sampran Riverside has a large Lappset children’s playground surrounded by natural gardens.

Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon Open daily from 07.30hrs. to 17:00hrs.